hand painting




As the textile industry has morphed and evolved over the last 30 years we as a company have adapted to every new technological advancement and technique imaginable. Although technological shortcuts have definitely helped shape our world today, here at stylecouncil we know that nothing beats the beauty and power of something created by hand. While fashion trends start to shift from digital techniques back to old school methods our new highly qualified team is ready to take on any challenge. 

In seamless partnership with our in-house digital fabric printing and advanced CAD teams, this new department is available to assist all of your creative needs. From exquisite home fashion repeats to one of a kind custom runway pieces and everything in between, our experienced team of artists will treat every project with detailed craftsmanship and care. Whether on paper, fabric or directly on a handbag—no project is too abstract, no method too intricate. From concept development to completion, we will work side by side with you until the job is done. Let’s create something beautiful together! 

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