Experience and knowledge set us apart from the rest. Our sales team consists of long time fashion industry professionals. We are merchandisers, color specialists and print stylists who take pride in being part of the design process. 

Whether we are showing you the perfect original print design or creating a custom print, repeat or colorway we are here to assist however we can. Work with us on a single project or utilize us as an extension of your design team as many of our clients do.

           Roger Borem                    Account Executive                                          212-845-9285              




Roger Borem

                Account Executive         







                                                     Louise Altese                       Project Manager                                                   646-833-0377          





                     Louise Altese

                   Project Manager             






                                 Charles Kalhofer                      Creative Director                        212-845-9291             





                    Charles Kalhofer

                    Creative Director






                             Cameron Loughrey                     Design Coordinator                        212-845-9286                




                   Cameron Loughrey

                   Design Coordinator







                                 Madeline Geftic                          Project Manager                          212-845-9282                 




                       Madeline Geftic 

                       Project Manager







              Bea Grande    Sales Agent                       212-845-9287          





Bea Grande

Sales Agent





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